Individual Tax Preparation

Individual Tax Preparation Services

The Tax Cuts and Job act have led to the development of new tax planning opportunities that have impacted almost everybody. With RE Donica & Associates’ annual tax plan, consulting services, and tax plan, you can rely on our tax preparation experts to help you understand what you should understand. Our experts keep track of the continuously evolving tax laws and are proactive in selecting strategies that will help you optimize your after-tax profits. Or uniqueness is brought about by offering our clients financial consultations and income tax preparation, not to mention trust administration. All provided under the same roof. Most of the decisions you come across in economic life are always not designed to fit any of the above mentioned areas. At RE Donica & Associates, we will help you develop a strategic plan that will help you realize your objectives.

What You need to know

RE Donica & Associates’ tax preparation services are beyond the simple preparation of income returns. We offer a helping hand to business owners and small businesses growing, and executives who have individual tax planning provides, not to mention how we advise clients strategically to help them reduce income taxes.

We have experienced tax professionals at RE Donica & Associates who will harmoniously work with you to draft a plan that reduces tax liability, be it at the local, state, or federal level. Despite offering you a detailed evaluation of your present tax situation, we also provide your future recommendations.

Our individual tax services are almost a perfect fit for everybody. Hence, we are so ready for a good conversation to help us explore the chances of us working together, and if need be, we will refer you to others who best fit your situation.

On the other hand, business owners understand that it is not always about the company; it is about the family and oneself. Assuming that you are the owner of a closely supervised business, you need to work together with a single tax advisor whom you need to help you address both your business and personal tax needs by use of a holistic approach.

How we go about it

The RE Donica & Associates team of experts will help you manage your employee benefit plan audit in a cost-effective, reliable, and efficient manner concerning the services that are dedicated to your specific needs. To those organizations that do not cross that audit threshold line, we can provide consultation services. We have also noticed an increase in ESOP-owned companies, a succession planning tool for owners planning to retire. RE Donica & Associates team is conversant with such areas and can offer the necessary guidance for their maintenance, creation, and annual compliance.
Estate Planning
In this case, we work as a member of the team of attorneys and financial advisors while the other individuals draft necessary design plans needed to reduce gift tax or estate tax.
Identification of Opportunities
RE Donica & Associates is excellent at identifying opportunities congruent with your individual goals and other philosophies to help you with your tax-saving strategies. All this ranges from charitable planning, retirement funding to state residency considerations.
Multi-State Tax Compliance Planning
Here at RE Donica & Associates, we navigate various local and state taxation matters from income sourcing or residency considerations to help our clients land on local and state tax minimization.
Tax Planning and Federal and State Returns Preparations
At RE Donica & Associates, we advise our clients to opt for practical tax planning solutions instead of the typical tax compliance services. There is also a need to monitor the ongoing results.

How do we help our clients?

Entity Structuring
In cases where you start a business as a sole proprietor, be it a partnership, either in a C corporation, an S corporation, single-member LLC, or multi-member LLC, we are here to help all our clients in matters concerning the choice of entity decisions that blend with considerations of our client’s objectives and circumstances that revolve around tax-saving opportunities.
Tax Planning
Even though our clients forget about their tax returns in July, at RE Donica & Associates, we don’t. To ensure that you have reduced all your overall tax burden, we help you with the annual tax planning schedule, which is significant for your massive income generation businesses, not to forget the family entities.
Unique Business Income Deductions
To many private business owners, Section 199A can easily provide them with significant tax savings. At RE Donica & Associates, we have the expertise and knowledge needed to maximize the deduction regarding our client’s individual circumstances.

What are our Individual Income Tax Strategies?

It could help if you knew that the more you pay in your taxes, the less you have for investment purposes concerning your individual financial objectives. Therefore, to reduce your tax liability, you need to plan proactively. At RE Donica & Associates, we will help you identify and enact critical planning opportunities that will help you reduce your most current tax liability.
At-Risk Rules
These are rules used to determine the loss amount that can be deducted on a tax return. They are pretty complex. At RE Donica & Associates, we offer planning ideas that will help create a basis for utilizing tax losses.
Individual Audit Assistance
We offer significant assistance to clients who deal with different tax authorities at the local, state, or federal levels, including all kinds of taxes. We only provide the auditor’s records as we encourage the client to plan with the auditor for a meeting at our offices.
In the tax law, many gray areas have different outcomes depending on the circumstances and facts. At RE Donica & Associates, we have a team of experienced tax professionals who will research the specific tax area to resolve the issue while backing up the position that stands up against government objection.

We Want To Hear From You!

Our favorite part of the job is meeting our clients. Our passion is delivering stellar tax preparation and planning for individuals and businesses. If you’ve got tax questions, we’d love to hear from you!

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