Here’s When You Can Now Expect Your Tax Refund Check From The State

The state started sending out taxpayer refund checks last week. You should receive it Direct Deposit from The Indiana Department of Revenue as long as you have bank information on File, or a paper check by Nov 1, 2022. If you have not received it by Nov 1, 2022, taxpayers can contact the Department of Revenue with their mailing address or bank information.

This story from WTHR has additional detail about the process. Check out the article and give me a call with any questions you have or for any of your other tax needs.

Robert Donica

Source: WTHR | Repost RE Donica & Associates 8/30/2022 –

If Hoosiers have not received the check by Nov. 1, they can contact the Indiana Department of Revenue to ensure their mailing and banking information is up to date.

The 1.7 million automatic taxpayer refund checks are printing and the first group of checks should reach Hoosiers’ mailboxes later this week. Direct deposits will also start showing up this weekend.

The Indiana State Auditor’s Office said the printing process had been delayed by a paper shortage. Emily Boesen, with the auditor’s office, said that delay turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

That’s because the original $125 check can now be combined with the latest relief money approved by the General Assembly during the most recent special session.

“People will either receive $325 or $650, if they filed jointly, in a check,” Boesen said. “By only mailing one check, we are actually able to save over $1 million, because of the fees to print, postage and processing.”

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